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semi-public thought log of sorts

telegram - too noisy whatsapp - bad desktop experience discord - is discord ( too many friends / distractions ) signal - no one uses it imessages - quiet calm and peaceful

"Your worst sin is that you betrayed yourself for nothing."

best thing about atomic notes is that they're always evolving

created this proof of history note like half a year ago

just added some more data about verifiable delay functions as i learned more about it just now

the notes and concepts grow as i learn more

and its very visually pleasing as well ( seeing a note grow over time and connect to more concepts )

i used to watch 10 unboxing and review videos before buying any product

and now i bought these airpod maxes with watching a single video about it

we trust apple too much but they delivered regardless

its either that or money had more worth back then

yo life is so much better when u dont unintentionally scroll twitter for 3 hours a day

been working on a few projects since the hackathon ended

dripcraft for sirius crocodile ( the drip creator )

telecaster - a telegram client for farcaster

and learning about solana architecture the 8 articles protocol development and fullyonchian games

all this does not require twitter / social media ( compared to previously, where i wanted feedback etc )

this phase is just cavemode sit and grind

so 🫡

long hours of work it is

have soooooooooooooo much to do im genuinely exciteeddd

yes ive disabled my twitter for 30 days

resetting some stuff and need a break

so done with events

i dont want to "network" i hate the term "networking" i dont like talking to people when i have no clue what they do i dont like randomly shaking hands and standing awkwardly at events trying to find someone to talk to

it is literally like finding gold in a haystash

and chances are this gold also is probably not the best

i find cold emails / dms then meeting in person for coffee the best way to meet someone

both of you know what the point of the meeting is

both of you know what the other person does and wants

there is a vibe match already in place because you're agreeing to meet

other than that, random networking events, conferences and everything is mostly useless

what's nice tho

is small handpicked group meetings to either chat about certain pre-planned topics / demo their stuff

or workshops where there's a guest who's going to talk about a certain topic which they're experienced in

ive been to literally 1 event and am already done with events, just wanna go back home and code

it's eerily quiet in 5 star hotels in the night

no fan noise, no noise from the ac, no noise from outside ( im on the 50th floor )

only sounds i hear is my breath and the keyboard sounds

super super weird never experienced this before

i love thinking out loud in my friends dms

to all of you i'm v grateful

question: kinda curious on what tasks are u assigning as to being a operator? something like PMing + hr? also how are u delegating the engineering process to others in the team and how do u tackle and review the entire process? any inside-tips would be super helpful :)

was initially gonna just tweet, but became too long so:

github is for code, documents and version control linear is task management discord for comms

what im considering as "operations" is everything from planning, ideation, what to build, how to go about it and the specs for everything, hiring, managing money ( this is a whole role by itself- grants, investors, meetings etc )

how i do it is once i figure out an idea, i talk to people, get feedback, come up with a product roadmap on what to do and how ( the roadmap changes very often, and chaos is normalized )

choose 2-3 people who ive worked with before who can do design, frontend, backend and general fullstack work

first i work with a design contractor and get the ui, designs and all that figured out

then sometimes i ship a super mvp version with just the main "problem" solved in a couple days / week which has all the functionality and serves as something to refer

then for delegation and review it's usually assigning tasks for whatever feature we're working on currently to frontend / backend usually the frontend is done first, so i leave discord messages with screenshots on whatever needs to be changed and sometimes if it's big enough, ill add it to linear then api work is usually figuring out logic on vc / excalidraw and building it 1 by 1 feature wise

we dont plan the whole product in one go and go through it, we ship feature by feature so that its easier to reprioritize whenever needed

and while "engineering" is happening, im figuring out what to do next / talking to users / getting feedback etc

tbf im probably not the best person to be answering this, but ive done my fair share of shipping products so yeah- im also figuring it out on the fly

people believe in anything but themselves

was taken to a temple and im gonna express what i felt in words

yes, faith can make people do a lot of things but religion is inherently faith hacking

making people submit themselves for a better afterlife or to simply improve their own life but no they wont take things into their hands, instead they will do things for the god in hopes that the god will take care of them - i call bullshit on this

by submit i mean completely surrender, they will do anything the priest says or an astrologer says why? cuz its simply easier to believe and have faith than take agency

rush towards a door which opens at 4am? touch / drink the piss of a cow? pay thousands of dollars to a priest to do more such things???

the scale at which this brainwashing has been carried out is actually mind blowing.

figuring out what to build is harder than building it is what ive realized

conviction + focus is what sets apart the great from the good

sure you can be a good builder if u know how to code but being able to have conviction in something other people tell you it's not going to work and focused towards executing towards that vision is genuinely game changing

execution has become super easy with ai, cursor + claude + some kind of ui library is all you need to ship stuff and get users

another thing ive realized which holds back many founders who are technical are- they spend too much time thinking about the most optimal way of doing things and that's the worst thing you could be focusing upon, especially in markets where things move fast ( crypto / ai etc )

focusing on building and showing it to users fast should be the 1st priority, everything else is second

no one cares if your product takes 1s or 1.5s to load up a response from your api when you have 0 users

choose 1 problem, get the solution and MAKE that happen

instead of shooting at everything and getting nowhere

another thing which is very hard especially in crypto is the ability to get distracted because of the market this is easier in the bear cuz there's no FOMO in the air and none of your friends are becoming overnight millionaires but in the bull, you see money flowing around everywhere and anything with a name to it shooting up, the fomo is super super real

either balance it or fully ignore it and focus on what's more important ( sometimes, the trading might be more important than building but usually is not )

fuck everything else

intense focus on 1 thing lets get it

why did no one tell me the secret to flow state is to move out

soo much energy at will

cant seem to place where its coming from

i just feel so high agency all the time

idk why i get a feeling of disgust everytime im in a nextjs project

i think that's primarily why i hated employment + just hate writing fullstack code nowadays

most of crypto apps are built around nextjs

and personally nextjs and react literally gives me the ick

the ugly dependency logs, swiggly lines everywhere, the randommest errors, new version every week which breaks the previous code is so fucking irritating

i loved writing go because you can keep your code extremely clean and abstractions are so neat

but nextjs...

nevertheless i would love to learn more and read well organized t3 stack codebases... so please give me your best, internet

shit i didnt know founders could hold grudge that i left their company too early 💀

one such case is leaving me on read since so long

working on a time crunch makes me produce output 4x the usual quality and 10x faster

my schedule in singapore

wake up go for a run / gym and get some sunlight bath and take bus to 42, read otw 6-7 hours working on 42, brunch and snacks in between come back in bus, read otw cook dinner, eat dinner, wash the fucking utensils :sob: cycle to cafe work on rift for 4 hours cycle back and sleep for 6 hours

on that grindset fr

at 42 piscine - seems to be 26 days of hardcore coding lets see

they said their method of selection was via technical competence and collaboration

was in dubai the past week and came back with a baaaad cold

now am moving to singapore for a month in 2 days

give me energy

also suddenly feeling like i lost all my agency ( could be the sickness but idk )

not working and whatever i do isn't fulfilling

soo last week i was in dubai and had a blast of a time there

the lifestyle is really amazing but most people who are out and about seem to be in the same rat race ( who has more bling )

and am not a big fan of that tbh

but the villa i stayed in had amazing folks i was able to have deep conversations with

one night i celebrated "dubai's own voice" ahmed's 30th birthday at a steakhouse

and one night i was denied entry at a club bcoz i was 18 and not 21 😭i thought legal age was 18 wtf

and we even went to abu dhabi and ferrari world

surprisingly my visa card worked everywhere even in cabs and i didnt have problems offramping crypto either

here are some pictures

i just double tapped my ink pen expecting it to turn to an eraser and scribbled on what i wanted to erase 😭😭

a lesson learned after wasting a lot of time with a designer and realizing this mid-way

what you’re doing is product scrubbing which is

figuring out what needs to be where and how users are going to use it and how you plan on letting the user use it

but a designer doesn’t give two fucks about this

what they need to deliver is ui elements which make that happen

they’re thinking textboxes, input fields, color palette, font sizes, font families and gradients

they’re not thinking what the notification tab is going to show

they might suggest a filter widget on the notification tab, but they’re not thinking why a user is getting notifications of every new post if it’s already coming in feed

that’s you the founder’s role - to figure out what needs to go where and what data is going through it

The combination of core simplicity and powerful applications often makes thing really hard to grasp, because of the mental jump required to derive the variety of applications from the essential simplicity of the fundamental abstraction

best thing about touch typing, i can look around, look at someone and talk to them while at the same time typing whatever's on my mind on my keyboard without slowing down or anything

maybe talking to someone else is less possible, since talking something and typing something else at thes ame time is hard, but i can definitely look around and not necessarily need to look at my screen while typing

and it's actually very nice

because you're putting out what you have in your mind and at the same time being "present in the real world" and dont need to step back to look at your kb to type out something

im being so autistic but i like it lmao

im thinking more about what to build than actually building 😕

atleast im learning everyday tho - that's helping with the new ideas but still, im trying to find something to commit to

i think i should choose one and just go at it then change courses as time goes on

but people ( sama, naval ) do say that choosing what to work on

is more important than actually "working on random things"

but i feel i have a sort of vague idea of what i want to do.. ie onchain creator economy stuff

so.. maybe i should just start doing it rather than thinking so much about everything before starting

need to move the needle

dedicated time for some ricing and workflow improvements

setup yabai + skhd and changed up my obsidian vault

i am loving the changes

it looks so good + i bought sync, so no more icloud taking 5mins to sync

its crazy how well the software is built

yabai + skhd is giving me arch linux vibes and its nostalgic

i been doing this 750 thing for a few days

and it's nice

basically you write 750 words a day

doesn't matter what it is about

just close your eyes and let your hands slide

been touching 800 - 1k words everyday

and it's nice setting time aside to just reflect and think about whatever's in your brain, good offloading exercise

reallllllly wanna start writing / creating slightly longer form content of thoughts and whatever im building etc on a steady cadence

thinking of ways to make this happen

1. aspirations != goals

goals should be deliverables that can be met which can take you closer to your aspirations but if u have meaningful goals that dont take u closer, dont be afraid to take them.

aspirations are not a good driver

goals are amazing drivers

aspirations are way too vague to target directly

2. systems > goals

a system in place to get to that goal is more important than setting these goals

systems is an action driver

3. action via discipline

um i cant help with this- u just gotta sit down and work 🫡

a friend sent this ss

note- we still haven't publicly launched eventhough we have DAUs and the product garners love on a daily basis

word of mouth is a powerful go to market strategy

delegation, subscriptions open up a lot of onchain usecases

i'm becoming a fan of opinionated software which works really well and gives just enough control

ios, macos, bear, streams

went surfing twice last week and its enjoyable

catching the waves at the right time and making it to the shore very calming for those few seconds

and its very practical

highs are very high but whenever u fall u just get back up and paddle back in

its an essential feedback cycle

i really like the app cosmos

its cheaper than mymind and looks more aesthetically pleasing

but it doesnt have all those features i guess, but it has what i need so im gonna use it 🏄‍♀️

idk if i necessarily have goals


  • 5-10x current networth ( optimize for mrr/returns and not salary )
  • develop a taste for myself through curation and creation
  • put on more lean muscle
  • find good uni alternative? or just go to uni for a couple sems
  • more hardcore technical things ( somehow gotta merge this and (1) )

new year resolution is to

  • read more than i scroll
  • learn something everyday
  • workout 3x a week
  • dont let sleep / food schedule fuck up
  • focused execution on work
  • write weekly semi-private for accountability / logging

happy new year!

last year was very mixed, extremely good in some perspectives, very mid in some

i love content which has a

compiled into one pdf export option

legendary fr

fixed some bugs for yall

new command: /untag [tags seperated by spaces]

i really need to fix my diet and sleep asap before it spirals out of my control

i used up so much luck in the first half of this year it's crazy

'i experiment with sleep' is supposed to be read as 'i have a fucked up sleep schedule' 👍🏼👍🏼

talking about me here

this is what i preach

controlling your consumption is the key 🔑

the migration was slower than i expected

but streams usage is way higher than i expected

lists and short iterative notes about topics linked together contextually

is the best format for text consumption

big + is easy navigation back and forth

update: wait i just realized i summarized obsidian pkm setups lmfao 😭

i wish i got my ipad earlier ngl, “off” time got soooo much better

wonder how ill feel after 10 years scrolling through things ive written / did

paras chopra has literally been writing publicly since i was born

that’s 18 years of writing

almost 2 decades of your brain on the internet is… insane

i wanna build mine like that too.. create for myself to see 10 years later ☕️

kinda stupid of me for not using prisma migrate right from the beginning

well TIL

cant wait for tags to come fr ( it’s coming in streams v2 )

it not being there kind of stops me from posting everything i want

because when i know everything’s gonna land up in the same junk, it becomes harder to find it later

but when i know i can categorize it / have an easier form of recovery- friction reduces a lot


talking about friction reducing; reminds me of this

when something is ephemeral it makes it so much easier to start doing

especially writing / work / planning

if you know something needs to be very “put together” / permanent,
it’s hard to start doing that from scratch

but when you know that it’s temporary and even just a word / initial few lines are enough for it & it’s made to be edited and worked upon later - it’s so much easier

again, this is why it’s so much easier to post on streams than substack or medium

this embraces crudity and incompleteness, they push towards completeness and finality which are traits which slow humans down

and for creative workers it’s even worse
there’s no “finality” in most work

considering something “done” is quite hard at times

takeaway is to reduce friction

two types of actions

push based
pull based

we start life almost completely push based
pushed into school
pushed into university
pushed into studying x y z

at some point of time you’ve gotta switch it to pull based
start learning something because you want to
start building something because you want to

pull based actions is where real value is created, because YOU do it because of something intrinsic

pull based actions aren’t ideal for just large zoomed out events in life

even granular actions like a clock always on the menu bar pushing data to you without you asking for it, is bad

try to remove all indicators of time for one day and see how it feels

if you want to see the time, you have to go search it up ( apart from staring outside the window- that’s different )

many such cases

im trying to switch slowly, but steadily from push based actions to pull based actions

this is why streams is very different from twitter

you’re not pushed into someone else’s profile / post

you click / go to it intentionally and you’re only fed that- we dont feed you random junk

i love everyone who read my streams

i will make sure i send alpha here first

was wearing anc headphones listening to rain lofi whilst working and thought i heard like “real” rain

so i removed my headphones to check and it’s POURING here


“Being effective and investing your time in the right area at the right time is a skill, not purely luck.”

writing code genuinely just feels like a game after a point

you know what weapons you have and you know how it works

you just gotta do the right combos to win

me after just writing code without thinking and my hands just knowing where to go and what to do


it becomes like driving, initially you’ll think a lot, after a while it’s just subconsciousness taking over

programming is EXACTLY like that

went and scrolled a bunch of people’s streams and left with a huge smile
this is such beautiful creation fr

maybe it’s the lack of sleep, maybe it’s the touch of real-ness, maybe it’s the aftermath of a fulfilling day

too happy and too tired to take a decision

btw unemployed again, yay!

this time im definitely not going back to a job, ill figure something out

following the rule: “for anything to be properly thought out, it needs to be put into words”

i want to learn cs.

like fundamentals and the math and engineering principles and core concepts.


There are 2 types of software engineer: those who understand computer science well enough to do challenging, innovative work, and those who just get by because they’re familiar with a few high level tools.

people might consider me type 1 / 2 based on what they know of me, but personally, i will not feel complete until i learn everything which is considered to be a type 1; data beats all

which involves a grasp of concepts in:

  • computer architecture
  • algorithms
  • math for cs
  • operating systems
  • networking
  • databases
  • languages and compilers
  • distributed systems

while these might not necessarily be the skills needed for building startups ( which is what im doing ), it is something that interests me a whole lot and also makes me a well rounded engineer and better suited to take technical decisions while building my product etc

and also this helps with another thing

while i keep extending my gap year and pushing away starting university more and more, if i end up not going ( mom, im saying IF )
this could be a very good substitute for the knowledge gap i might have from cs grads

my working hours now look like this:

  • learn practical technical skill while building startups and products
    • mostly full stack + core crypto
  • learn marketing, sales and business while managing startup things ( permissionless work platform )
  • allot time and learn cs fundamentals INTENTIONALLY


now that uni is out of the picture until next september, i dont wanna stay at home and build

finding the best place to

  • stay out of
  • be around like minded people
  • and build and work on my stuff

and i found @_theresidency - seems like the best option ticking off everything im looking for

is it just me or does any app used for personal use
like reflections, blogging, thought logs, todos etc

just make it so noisy to even use

eg. substack, twitter ( if used for thoughts posting ), reflections etc

social media should comprise journaling, blogging etc
but journaling, blogging and self-centered creation should not have social media in them

this is why people like streams, bearblog, and “personal” but public platforms

hmm an interesting UX case

anything on the web, is easiest editable on the web itself is a resume site, links with my domain

easiest to edit from the browser itself, just have to go to, login and boom editable

but my personal website is a pain to edit eventhough it’s just adding a markdown file

if naval and a lot of others think after san francisco/bay area, tech is going to move completely to the internet..
( but its not there yet they say )

why? whats it missing?

lets see what san francisco offers

  • talent
  • capital
  • community for like-minded wealthy, creative individuals

how should the internet offer this? ofcourse not everything can be on one platform,m like twitter, thats chaos imo

community is easiest to solve via social media and creating and growing network states is something a lot of people are working on and is definitely working

tools and products for it mostly already exist and is quick to build too

but for talent / capital and for the two to meet is still very crude

emails, linkedin profiles, cold reach outs, forms for fellowships, forms for vc funds, twitter dms etc

there’s no one platform ( other than social media, but thats noise ) to showcase talent via proof of work and provide capital to them

this will be the next part of network states. connecting capital with talent.

i wake up, write some code, lift some weights, read some letters, type more letters, and kill myself to sleep

yeah i think 4am to 10am sleep cycle works the best

gym is empty before noon, and plenty time for focused work in the night and i don’t feel moody at all since i get enough sunlight during the day ( compared to waking up at 2pm, 3pm )

people often think hires are easily replaceable and you dont need to worry about who you hire/fire

but its soo wrong

having a good team you can delegate to and be sure they’ll get it done is such a lifesaver

s/o to everyone who’s worked with me so far, lovely folks

im loving my new 27” monitor

just got sooo much more extra room to work with and split screen multi tasking like writing notes while reading, or having terminal open always is just so helpful

i just have obsidian taking 1/3rd all the time

in my third attempt of working at the same startup, ive finally realized what we’re trying to solve and it has aligned with my interests and goals

it’s only up from now i guess

todoist is so cracked, i just wrote code on the app natively to filter my tasks and create views

shit, i forgot i was building streams before i left to singapore 💀 - i will ship that then get to this lmao; i COMPLETELY forgot wtf

i love where my rabbit holes take me

today went down a rabbit hole for core ethereum research, seeing that parc video acc the want to go lower and lower down the stack and learn and do real shit

learnt what core devs work on and how to get there

and found this amazing repo - the notes folder in this repo is so high signal i love it

for some reason i just like dwelving into niche high signal sources

i also want to do something similar, so will continue learning about this

goal is to have something to show by the next few months

finally something exciting to work on- took so fucking long jhesus christ

experimenting with this new time management tactic where i give myself a lot of slack so that i can pull things in from later on in the calendar instead of constantly pushing things for later and it cascading

so if i have actual “free time” i will pull things from later and work on it

gave myself like 50% of the day free - and put 2 hour blocks every 2 hours

will update this at the end of the day!

update: yes it works!
giving yourself a lot of freetime might actually make u more productive than filling up your calendar…
who would’ve thought

i love singapore, the city is so peaceful, the people are positive and friendly

infra is really good - roads, MRT and buses

payment is neat using paylah and cards

definitely on the costlier side but worth it

city just feels super safe too

i’d go there for uni but i dont think ill get into nus or ntu

oh i also gave a talk at nus about crypto, building products and making money - cool folks they were very intelligent and caught on quickly

the event ( token2049 ) was pretty mid - i was expecting more technical folks; but the side events made it for me especially solidity singapore

i loved traveling solo and had quite the bit of experience for the first time travelling alone ( iykyk )

i wanna talk about flow

i’ve been experimenting with flow for last the past year and a half almost

ever since i discovered that my focus levels were the shittiest on the planet, i started finding ways to fix them

i saw online that getting clarity in thought would help… and well it did but it didnt really improve my focus levels

it gave me a much better framework for thinking and processing information in the world and decision-making - definitely improved my life significantly

last 2 days i couldn’t get work done because i was forcefully displaced and couldn’t do anything, so i dove down a rabbit hole ive been wanting to go down for a whileeee

✨custom keyboards ✨

i realized i specifically wanted a split keyboard but not too many layers since i code and needed my numbers and symbols easily accessible

after a lot of research and binging youtube channels

i found out that lily58 / similar 60% keyboard layout on the split was the way to go

but then after that i didnt know what to do

all the build guides had so many weird letters and abbreviations i didnt understand, so i did the thing any sane person on the internet must do - i joined communities and asked for help

i said i wanna build this, i have no idea, how do i build / get it build

internet has a lot of nice people, folks - so take their help

some very nice folks on the IMKC discord sent me some guides and i learnt more about the process by scrolling through their reddit and discord chats

then i came up with what all to buy and how to get it built with a guy i found on there

this is the specs if anyone’s interested:

PCB and base: lily58 pro
MCU: kb2040 * 2
Switches: Akko lavenders purple keys
Keycaps: XDA heavy industry grey/yellow
TRRS: grey coiled 1m cable
Case: grey 3d printed case

there were so so so so many options, everything was customizable

hopefully this keyboard comes soon, and the layout is so different i’m gonna go from ~200 wpm to less than 50 😭

but yeah it’s better for long term ergonomics and typing comfort and possible speed as well because it forced you to practice good techniques

omg omg omg omg

if you have a mechanical keyboard

get a paintbrush

get some coconut oil

remove your keycap

dab the paintbrush into your bowl of oil ( just a bit )

apply it on the sides and in the middle and put the keycap back on

now press it and see 😳

made this function and error handler

which i can wrap around any async function

and inside the function i can throw whatever error i want and return anything i want

and the errors are automatically managed by the errorHandler in the wrapper fn

and whatever data i send is automatically managed by the wrapper to either send as a telegram fn, web api response


why can i literally feel the lag on vscode

i’m on a 32 gig m2 pro, if this can’t run vscode idk what can

gonna spend some time tomorrow setting up neovim and alacritty

^^ this is probably because of my vim extension, but i can’t code without vim so it’s probably time to get fully vim pilled

overwhelmed by the amount of things going on in crypto lol

realllyyy need to take a step back, ignore the noise and focus on learning the fundamentals so that i can actually go contribute and build something real instead of just consuming new things these chads create left and right

tweeted this yesterday, thinking about a pod ( developer focused ) to talk about and update ourselves on what’s going on in the crypto ecosystem which is useful for developers and builders

i think it’s very useful because 1. it lets me try many things and 2. make content and share things which i love doing as well

i’ll give it more thought

for now, just need to ship and continue studying crypto

i was wondering why my vscode was acting weird and buggy today

i was waiting for something to happen but it wasnt happening

then only it clocked in that github pro had ended and copilot wasn’t autocompleting whatever code i was thinking of

and now i had to write out all the queries and text stuff myself 😭

talk about being dependent

edit: dont worry i got chatgpt open on a different monitor

when you’re paving your own path, this everlasting question of

“am i doing the right thing”

“is this the best thing i could be doing at the moment”


regular reflections, reprioritizations and measuring progress and output really helps maneuvering through the uncertainty

having clear set goals and seeing how much a certain input affects your progress towards that goal and trying to optimize that input is key

but also i try not optimizing the path so much that i end up not making progress towards it at all

but it’s definitely important so

maintaining a good balance is necessary

ive said this before and im saying it one more time

when you’re starting a new project / rewrite -

especially true for code sprints and hackathons

it’s very frustrating when i dont have control over my own time, but so is life

hopefully after i move out, this is not the case

anyways, today will be a lot of building for streams and maybe learning solidity if i get time

i fucking love clarity what the fuck, makes you live life without anything stopping you like it’s crazy

maybe i mean flow state but same thing

just pure pure pure pure energy towards what you’re doing and you just feel like you’re flyyingg

i was having a hard time choosing between ethereum and solana, having been part of both communities for so long

i wanted to choose one which i could dive deeper into, i’ve written contracts on ethereum and read a bunch about their scaling and future plans

on solana, i was active in the developer ecosystem and know how it works and the positives and ive dabbled with

right now, i needed to make a decision on what i was going to deeper into, because i felt doing 2 things at the same time will lead to both being mediocre

but i couldnt make a choice lmao

both were equally incentivizing for me

a lot of solid resources
easier to get started and build with cuz solidity easy
hard to get popular / traction initially
a lot of stuff already been done and has been there for longer

good resources, but not as good as eth
amazing community and easy $$
hard to get started cuz idk rust
very bullish ecosystem cuz of the way it’s built (infra)

i couldn’t choose.. both seemed equally incentivizing and to pursue

so i tossed a coin and chose eth lol

unnecessary discourse distracts us from the main goal; get back to work anon

since everything we think of ourselves attached to our identity; what if we let go of our identity and act purely based off logical reasoning from first principles?

no “i feel so”s and no connection to our internal self

being anon really helps in this case cuz incase u fuck up, it’s not plastered on your real identity

^ this sole reason pushes me towards going anon

but at the same time i want to be public about wins and failures and that needs to be linked with my real identity but with real identity comes the baggage of my “assumed self”

trying everyday to ignore that “assumed personality” and what i think other people think of me to start doing and acting in the way “I” really want to.

the day i figure myself out, we’re soo back

in february 2022 i was able to livestream and code for 21 hours straight 💀

yes. i did that for a hackathon

but nowadays i cant even go for 4 hours straight a day

everyday i pray to god asking for that amount of hacker energy back

i lost something inside me in october 2022 and i still haven’t found it back 🙁

was thinking about single page vs multi-page personal website

single page definitely pushes u to trim things down and show what’s necessary

whereas multipage gives u freedom to play around with what u want where and go deep into things

and ideally
i want a why? section on every page so that i can share my thought process behind a certain decision

i wish more people shared that, i just love asking and answering “why?” so much

imo its the only question which makes people think

writer’s block is sooo real

i had the topic ready but didnt know how tf i should start writing on it lmao

chatgpt can’t help cuz the topic im working on is after sept 2021

ended up giving up after writing some jackshit


was feeling slightly lost so went on a 8km walk without internet access or any source of cheap dopamine- just me, my thoughts and my memos app on a dummy phone

got soo much clarity from just one walk, reprio was onpoint 👌

very happy about the outcome :)

going to go on these walks every week to reflect, reprioritize and refine my goals and execution.

experimented with stable diffusion and dreambooth for the first time

trained a model with my pictures and copied some prompts from to make funny pictures of myself

output was subpar, the quality was not good, which i guess is because of the pictures i uploaded, wasnt the best - but was definitely fun!

“do hard things and make it easier for others” lives on my mind rentfree; it’s terrifying and catches me when im slacking

being self employed is equal to being in a constant feel of loss of direction

consistent reflection and visualizing your purpose and progress towards it is very very essential

having clarity in day to day life is so so important, literally pushes you to pursue your goals relentlessly

things that have helped me:

  • writing down my current purpose and milestones
  • logging everyday, and once every hour
  • settings weekly goals and reviewing them every monday
  • looking back on logs and seeing where the time drain is

oh for the hourly logging, set an alarm for every hour of the day and log what u did the past hour - i use discord for it, but anything works

weird dilemma

i want to do hard things with code, but constantly drawn back into using my current skillsets again

side projects help, but not as much

but i think it’s through side projects where i can actually learn

and there’s this classification bias which im not a big fan of
im constantly wanting to classify things into categories

someone said i should always choose projects which test my competence, while my current ones do, i lowkey think there are better projects which would challenge me more

but if i keep trying to find this arbitrary “good project” im never going to build

so yeah, just gotta pick things up, build it the best way i possibly can and repeat with harder problems

i think every man needs to know how to fight

not to win fights, but to protect himself and his brethren in times of danger

you never know when you’re boutta get jumped so need to keep yourself battleready

so im gonna join mma and start training lol

and ppl tend to respect you more when they know you’re physically capable of beating them to pulp 💀

benefits add up to the time spent training

only problem is that im losing weight EXTREMELY fast, and now have to eat like a dog and keep track of calories :pain:

v1 of streams is completely based on telegram

but v2 is going to have way more

so i plan on rewriting the entire backend to include multiple other sources, be easy to build upon and modular so that YOU ALL can use the API on your own websites

now back to whiteboarding 🫡

updated my website yesterday and added some more links and cleaned up some pages

i think and relate deeply with

watching the social network again, for like the 7th or 8th time


just realized on the social network is basically except u type in telegram

systems are important.

have systems for everything you consider important

spending time on building efficient systems for life will go a long way

or atleast i hope so

cuz i spend a fuckton of time on building good systems and it sort of helps while executing ?!
or it’s a me problem where i just need everything in place to do the smallest thing

little more thought into this and i understood that

i had always assumed core/infra blockchain dev as too complex and hard; hence avoided even looking at it

and solely kept myself around dapp dev / linking contracts with frontend
( youtube effect / echo chamber )

i constantly felt gaps in my knowledge because of that and felt like i was dumber than the people i was talking to who actually understood what was going on under the hood.

sounds stupid but i was cock blocking myself from what i actually wanted to do thinking it was too hard to pull lmao 💀

regardless, diving deeper into core working and fundamentals of blockchain and crypto reignited the fire and is answering those questions

thinking happens in ephemeral notes / voice memos

and prioritizing/private logging happens on discord pvt server

bulletin board on obsidian

second brain on obsidian

everyday life reminders / floating todos in todoist

emotional control happens in ( in dire need of a more private self hosted alternative with similar UI / features )

semi public logs, sharing progress and updates on streams

inspiration / news on twitter and farcaster

instagram for media to document life outside work, materialistic things and life experiences

youtube/twitch for consuming content and streaming - creation part wip

email feed for newsletters ( v curated and filtered and updated regularly)

execution on macos/arc/vscode/terminal lol

3 to 5 working days to update one field on a database

traditional banking is hideous

how do people not revolt against it

ive dove into many rabbit holes in the past

but crypto is probably the biggest, most extensive, most difficult and most impactful 🕳️ 🐇 i’ve been to

it’s like an infinitely unraveling threadball

not complaining tho, im loving it

a lot of gaps in my knowledge about things i know, a lot of vagueness and unsure about details

this leads to me not understanding more complexer things, because those “terms” are pre-requisites

mostly talking about crypto here

deep dive, bottoms up from fundamentals and ignore things already understood

-> + build / implement wherever necessary for better understanding on dev side (eg: if i learn about erc 721, i’ll implement one and play with it before moving on to next )

full round understanding, so it’ll lead to finding problems to solve in the space easier, making ideation better

will document here

found this app called deepstash which is a community sourced information consumption platform;

it summarizes / retrieves the main ideas from a piece of long form content like books, blogs, podcasts etc

seems to be pretty new but it’s really helpful as i can go through pods i dont have time to listen to fully by just reading the summary on here.

there are also collections and journeys and customized recommendations based on my selected interests

oh and im not sponsored or sm 😂it’s genuinely a really good app imo

check it out and download it -

ive been taking small breaks from the internet every now and then

but never planned a long one and stuck to it

so from now until maybe for a month or so, i just want to step back from the constant buzz

launches left and right, new alpha being shared on crypto twitter, so much fluff and shallow consumption

i want to put a full stop to it

turn the attention inwards towards myself and my growth and block everything else which isn’t necessary

over the past months, ive realized substance and depth over anything, and in this break that’s what i want to focus on.

go deeper into things

ive a bunch of “hard to read” books which ill get through

ive a bunch of rabbit hole entrances saved which ill jump into

ive some research material saved which ill go through

might post here every now and then, but mostly just internal logging.

niches will be ofc be crypto/consumer products and maybe a little philosophy.


  • record low screentime on phone
  • record high focus sessions ( both intensity and # )
  • optimizing for obsessive work ( beating shiny object syndrome )
  • internal satisfaction and validation from within

this might go longer for all i know

but yeah…

ive spoken to my friends at large about this for ages; finally the right time for it i feel.

i might be more active on the purple app and here. @soulninja on both.

can expect random yt streams if im feeling it

can expect random ig posts if im feeling it

can expect random launch if i get to it

thats pretty much it


keep fighting ;)

i love the second brain am building on obsidian

helps so much when learning about new things, super easy to spot gaps in my knowledge and stop guessing about certain things

when there’s too many, there’s confusion

if you want clarity, cut some off.

  • need to update my portfolio and add some more pages
  • continue with streams backend rewrite
  • continue with crypto research

automating this whole second brain thing

digital gardens, zettelkasten and so many other workflows / systems in place

everything has it’s ups and downs

but a big problem ive seen repeatedly is


what if

note taking, and bookmarking, and recording streams and the whole process of “saving”, “linking”, “notes” was just - automated

not fully, but semi automated where you’d have to input some words / tags or something like that

i think im unto something here

a browser extension, which sees tabs and notices you jumping into a rabbit hole, records all links, saves to your obsidian, it’ll prompt u after u “finish” if u wanna save, and it could even help you stay in focus and not get distracted ( opening twitter for the extra dopamine )

ill think more about this

Our tools and techniques are only as valuable as the workflow

from a note taking perspective:

obsidian + roam + notion + handwritten + ur mum + todoist + apple notes blah blah

or just apple notes

i dont give a shit what you use.. but what’s the workflow?

ask yourself these questions:

  • what’s the delta of time from when you have a new thought and that thought is documented somewhere? your workflow should reduce this
  • how easy is it to find something you’ve saved? your workflow should make this easy
  • how easy is it to come up with new ideas from the ones you’ve saved? your workflow should make this possible ( mine can hehe )
  • if you dont have access to your “main work device” can you save the fleeting thought without relying on memory?

now based on your answers, make your setup better.

why you ask me?
if you have a good note taking workflow setup for your entire brain ( like a second brain ( cough ) )
you can search your thoughts easily, you tend to rely less on memory, you can come up with some really good ideas over time as you save more and more ideas

reduces brain fog so that you can walk around with clarity in your thoughts

clarity in your thoughts reflect in your words

clarity in your words reflect in your action

action turns to result





and with adhd, it’s 10x more amplified

i find myself constantly in a rut trying to remove these distractions and they constantly keep coming back

delayed gratification. if only it was as easy practicing it.

i already have so many measures against it, delete, block, leave, isolate.

but the opposing party is working equally hard to make it addictive, to make us go back.
well that’s how they make money, so can’t blame them

and the dopamine gives us a fake sense of accomplishment.

“hard times create strong men”

nice quote isnt it

harder the battle is, stronger you are when you beat it

beating distractions and instead doing the meaningful work is completely internal.


can you fight? in a battlefield where giving up is literally a few swipes away. they put a red quit button on our fucking hands and made us carry it around 24/7.

but again - it’s all internal.

everyone wants meaning in their life but many run away from it

if you run for long enough, you start losing the desire for meaning

and slowly you start living a meaningless life, doing meaningless work, and in meaningless relationships

that’s my worst nightmare - living life without diving deep in search of meaning

just living off the top of the iceberg

3 things i really like:

  • crypto
  • creator economy
  • ai

lurking a lot and consuming things whenever i find, but i constantly find a lot of FLUFF everywhere i go

it’s rare finding actual substance and value

whenever i find, i learn a lot from that/them and adopt features and mental models from them

but the fact that you have to do so much due diligence to identify fake from real is crazy

but people get better over time

guess everyone gets an inner drive to chase actuality in their craft

big numbers or fame doesn’t replace value or inner contentment

had a thought today
instead of focusing on the outcome ( monetary goal like 100k$)
and putting my focus towards that metric as an indicator of progress
i should be making my indicator of progress my actionables
did i get better in frontend today?
did i get faster in shipping products?
did i get better in writing scalable code?
did i get better in talking to customers?
did i get better in writing copy?
and NOT
how much money did i make today?

so many things to build
so many things to learn
so many things to explore

now execution is all that matters

having “lists” gives so so so so much clarity

lists of

  • things to do
  • things you’re working on
  • things you could build
  • things to watch, read
  • things to experiment with
  • things you like
  • things you dislike
  • things you want
  • green flags
  • red flags
  • people u like


leaving the job lead to a lot of liberty over time and uncertainty

liberty of time brought excitement due to newfound time in my hands to “do my own thing” but also led to confusion- a lot of confusion over decisions

especially when related to money

will doing this result in good $$
will doing this have good ROI
is there a better thing to be doing right now

but what ive tried directing my mind towards are the goals / missions i set while zoomed out

the pillars of light which are leading my life this year

aim is to make very good use of this gap year

progress shall be made towards that in all forms of life :)

just quit my job

amazing team, amazing pay, pretty good product, amazing culture

dream job for many

but that was not what i wanted right now

been recording / editing small clips - it’s really interesting
possibly something i can start doing more and more as a hobby and maybe later it will grow into something which has worth

main goal is to just document

and provide value

making content which wouldve helped me a year or two ago

month on month exponential growth comes from week on week high expectation strategical execution

solving technically hard problems is an amazing source of dopamine

i dont like the fact that i can type at the same speed as my mind thinks

i end up talking a lot and THINKING out loud while texting someone

and while gaining clarity over something new, the mind spits out a lot of garbage, which i end up telling the person talking to me, very few very very few can keep up with it

so generally, it’s kind of pissing off that i type so fast

but im not smart enough yet to predict if this is good or not, only time will tell ig

upto a certain number, it’s okay to share earnings and shit - but beyond that i dont know

it’s like you’re feeding the evil to come bite you later lol

like you might not be meaning to flex or show off

but for the others it WILL come off like that because their horizons are that low

sharing these with some close friends is okay - im just talking about putting it out in public

idk tf does it so easily

like i get it dont believe in jinx or sm but like 💀when you know the people who’ll read this will probably be envious, why even share?

this might be an indian issue

in india people are extremely selfish and envious - society trains u like that without you realizing it

you need to actively act against it and go through a mindset change

im not going to be open about numbers until

  • i either cross my goal #
  • my circle changes from envious and ppl who get shocked to people for whom even 100k a month is nothing

more about circle

i am in soo many different circles and they’re so diverse, i have to be mindful of what i share to some

it’s only with a handful of friends where i am truly myself;
in all other places, it’s either a small part of me or i’m entirely faking another personality ( that’s just 1 rn lol )

human 1:1 connections are more important to me than “groups” and i optimize for that as well

so in some circles, i feel like i progressed a bit too fast compared to other folks in it, and to cut off and move on - that’s not easy when you have so much history together

and now the issue is, all circles read / consume whatever i put online and it fucking sucks

cuz who am i going to represent? the person they see?
it will be different for others

ideally, it should be “myself”

but i’ve hidden / given restrictive access to parts of me to these diff circles that im unsure as to how they’d react to see my “other side” of sorts

easy fix:
im just gonna be myself and if they dont like it, i cut them off 💀

cold but i dont know any other way

and sad part is, i dont think it’s going to be that they dont like it

jealousy is probably what’s going to happen

now the worst worst part is

the people who are better than me, they’ll find this extremely funny and cringe 😭

such a fake life we all live in

pretending to be someone who we actually aren’t

if u read all this - there are better things to do in life than listen to aadhithyan rant about identity loss

lol this started from me not being okay with sharing certain things to ranting about loss of identity

now some random mf is gonna find this and mention it and creep the fuck out of me 👍

internet 1 me 0

ever so often

someone sees something ive done and goes - “you do all this at such a young age”

internet has broken every barrier to entry to learn new things or to earn money

earlier, you needed a college degree, then go find a job etc; or if you were bit more daring, you’d start a business

now, you can learn everything on the internet, work remotely on the internet, do cool shit on the internet and express yourself

you dont need to ever displace yourself from your setting ( ie school )

so young kids ( me included ) leveraged this to our advantage

i know so many people who learnt how to build, fell in love with the process, spent an awful lot of time experimenting and diving deep into it, obsessed and became good at their craft

and then when they started showing other people what they built, they got a lot of offers and people offering $$ to work for them

and they were in a position to take them up and work on it part time

all this, while going to school

i think i should make video / written content on this process;

so that everytime someone asks me “how do u earn money at 17” or “what do u do” i can send them to that video

and recently it’s just been increasing more and more

maybe because of exponential growth at a relatively young age than normal

in my circle on the internet, i’m actually less “successful” as compared to other folks my age

but when i step off the internet, that dynamic changes

so for the latter, i will make videos / blogs providing value and insights on

  • what ive learnt the past 4 to 5 years doing this
  • how they can start doing this and a path for doing so
  • mistakes i made and how to avoid those potholes
  • transparency about numbers so that u can have realistic expectations ( this im still not sure, because for a lot of “normal” folks it’ll seem like a fuckton )

++ i had a similar idea of a way to document whatever’s going on in my life, and this was the best MVP to achieve that

so i dmmed judah offering to help him build out more features which will make this app really cool and helpful!

and now i shall contribute to this app shipping features 1 by 1 :)

this page shall see it all and more!

i love the idea of

it solves everything i was looking for

the point of me writing is NOT to be poetic, NOT to teach something,

it’s simply to CAPTURE this moment, what i know, my thoughts, what am working on

so that

  1. i can look back on it after a few years to see how much i’ve progressed
  2. for others to visualize my journey

people say having an audience will help u get users

but if the audience you built on different platforms are not your target audience for your product

this is most likely what’s going to happen:

if your followers like you, they might check it out and sign up, giving u that initial hit during launch but after that, your DAUs will just drop to 0 lol

some ways to prevent this

  • build an audience related to what you’re building
    • might involve tweeting / making content which attracts your target audience
  • find places where your target audience hang out and become friends with them
    • launch there.

i saw this really famous youtuber techwithtim who makes content around programming try do this and absolutely fail
kinda sad that he didnt realize this but this was what happened

  • his audience are people who’re learning to code
  • he joins this startup building for athletes?!
  • shills his startup in his yt channel ( 1M subs )
  • gets 1k users during launch :/

takeaway: having audience != DAUs to your product if your audience is not your target audience

something less obvious to many:

when the focus is on actually doing something and not talking about it - even the talking which comes after doing it becomes interesting..

so lets just keep doing interesting shit so that we have something interesting to show and talk about

ive experimented with sleep a lot

but- sleeping at around 12-1 am, waking up at 6-7, and sticking to a strict morning routine before starting the day JUST FEELS SOOOOO MUCH better

compared to

going to sleep at like 5 to 6am and waking up at 2 to 3pm completely clueless on what’s going on

but the issue with this is i have to be in bed by 1 am which is incredibly hard

as someone who’s more productive in the night it just kills me to go sleep during my most productive hours

so what ends up happening is that i work until like 3 or 4am

then wake up at like 10am

is not the best, but works.

thinking of building out my personal website today

want it really really minimalistic ( like little to 0 css lol )

some inspirations im gonna be using on the way:

so to summarize

  • minimal landing
  • streams of consciousness ( lol this )
  • now page
  • semi public writing
  • list of lists ( my fav )


also until we build out tags on this website, im gonna be using #tags
so tags: #building #personalwebsite

i think this way of microblogging is very liberating

i dont know who’s viewing it, and i dont stop myself from posting anything

so this will literally be a “stream” of my thoughts as i go through life

you’ll find drops related to work, life, and other shit

work will mostly be related to backend development, architecture, crypto, AI and other stuff

life will be growth, self improvement, books, gym, work/life balance ( it doesnt exist lol ) and other stuff

other shit = random extremely relatable feelings, random brain dumps and appreciating my friends