semi-public thought log of sorts

cant wait for tags to come fr ( it’s coming in streams v2 )

it not being there kind of stops me from posting everything i want

because when i know everything’s gonna land up in the same junk, it becomes harder to find it later

but when i know i can categorize it / have an easier form of recovery- friction reduces a lot


talking about friction reducing; reminds me of this

when something is ephemeral it makes it so much easier to start doing

especially writing / work / planning

if you know something needs to be very “put together” / permanent,
it’s hard to start doing that from scratch

but when you know that it’s temporary and even just a word / initial few lines are enough for it & it’s made to be edited and worked upon later - it’s so much easier

again, this is why it’s so much easier to post on streams than substack or medium

this embraces crudity and incompleteness, they push towards completeness and finality which are traits which slow humans down

and for creative workers it’s even worse
there’s no “finality” in most work

considering something “done” is quite hard at times

takeaway is to reduce friction

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