semi-public thought log of sorts




and with adhd, it’s 10x more amplified

i find myself constantly in a rut trying to remove these distractions and they constantly keep coming back

delayed gratification. if only it was as easy practicing it.

i already have so many measures against it, delete, block, leave, isolate.

but the opposing party is working equally hard to make it addictive, to make us go back.
well that’s how they make money, so can’t blame them

and the dopamine gives us a fake sense of accomplishment.

“hard times create strong men”

nice quote isnt it

harder the battle is, stronger you are when you beat it

beating distractions and instead doing the meaningful work is completely internal.


can you fight? in a battlefield where giving up is literally a few swipes away. they put a red quit button on our fucking hands and made us carry it around 24/7.

but again - it’s all internal.

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