semi-public thought log of sorts

if naval and a lot of others think after san francisco/bay area, tech is going to move completely to the internet..
( but its not there yet they say )

why? whats it missing?

lets see what san francisco offers

  • talent
  • capital
  • community for like-minded wealthy, creative individuals

how should the internet offer this? ofcourse not everything can be on one platform,m like twitter, thats chaos imo

community is easiest to solve via social media and creating and growing network states is something a lot of people are working on and is definitely working

tools and products for it mostly already exist and is quick to build too

but for talent / capital and for the two to meet is still very crude

emails, linkedin profiles, cold reach outs, forms for fellowships, forms for vc funds, twitter dms etc

there’s no one platform ( other than social media, but thats noise ) to showcase talent via proof of work and provide capital to them

this will be the next part of network states. connecting capital with talent.

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