semi-public thought log of sorts

ever so often

someone sees something ive done and goes - “you do all this at such a young age”

internet has broken every barrier to entry to learn new things or to earn money

earlier, you needed a college degree, then go find a job etc; or if you were bit more daring, you’d start a business

now, you can learn everything on the internet, work remotely on the internet, do cool shit on the internet and express yourself

you dont need to ever displace yourself from your setting ( ie school )

so young kids ( me included ) leveraged this to our advantage

i know so many people who learnt how to build, fell in love with the process, spent an awful lot of time experimenting and diving deep into it, obsessed and became good at their craft

and then when they started showing other people what they built, they got a lot of offers and people offering $$ to work for them

and they were in a position to take them up and work on it part time

all this, while going to school

i think i should make video / written content on this process;

so that everytime someone asks me “how do u earn money at 17” or “what do u do” i can send them to that video

and recently it’s just been increasing more and more

maybe because of exponential growth at a relatively young age than normal

in my circle on the internet, i’m actually less “successful” as compared to other folks my age

but when i step off the internet, that dynamic changes

so for the latter, i will make videos / blogs providing value and insights on

  • what ive learnt the past 4 to 5 years doing this
  • how they can start doing this and a path for doing so
  • mistakes i made and how to avoid those potholes
  • transparency about numbers so that u can have realistic expectations ( this im still not sure, because for a lot of “normal” folks it’ll seem like a fuckton )
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