semi-public thought log of sorts

so done with events

i dont want to "network" i hate the term "networking" i dont like talking to people when i have no clue what they do i dont like randomly shaking hands and standing awkwardly at events trying to find someone to talk to

it is literally like finding gold in a haystash

and chances are this gold also is probably not the best

i find cold emails / dms then meeting in person for coffee the best way to meet someone

both of you know what the point of the meeting is

both of you know what the other person does and wants

there is a vibe match already in place because you're agreeing to meet

other than that, random networking events, conferences and everything is mostly useless

what's nice tho

is small handpicked group meetings to either chat about certain pre-planned topics / demo their stuff

or workshops where there's a guest who's going to talk about a certain topic which they're experienced in

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