semi-public thought log of sorts

i was having a hard time choosing between ethereum and solana, having been part of both communities for so long

i wanted to choose one which i could dive deeper into, i’ve written contracts on ethereum and read a bunch about their scaling and future plans

on solana, i was active in the developer ecosystem and know how it works and the positives and ive dabbled with

right now, i needed to make a decision on what i was going to deeper into, because i felt doing 2 things at the same time will lead to both being mediocre

but i couldnt make a choice lmao

both were equally incentivizing for me

a lot of solid resources
easier to get started and build with cuz solidity easy
hard to get popular / traction initially
a lot of stuff already been done and has been there for longer

good resources, but not as good as eth
amazing community and easy $$
hard to get started cuz idk rust
very bullish ecosystem cuz of the way it’s built (infra)

i couldn’t choose.. both seemed equally incentivizing and to pursue

so i tossed a coin and chose eth lol

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