semi-public thought log of sorts

people say having an audience will help u get users

but if the audience you built on different platforms are not your target audience for your product

this is most likely what’s going to happen:

if your followers like you, they might check it out and sign up, giving u that initial hit during launch but after that, your DAUs will just drop to 0 lol

some ways to prevent this

  • build an audience related to what you’re building
    • might involve tweeting / making content which attracts your target audience
  • find places where your target audience hang out and become friends with them
    • launch there.

i saw this really famous youtuber techwithtim who makes content around programming try do this and absolutely fail
kinda sad that he didnt realize this but this was what happened

  • his audience are people who’re learning to code
  • he joins this startup building for athletes?!
  • shills his startup in his yt channel ( 1M subs )
  • gets 1k users during launch :/

takeaway: having audience != DAUs to your product if your audience is not your target audience

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