semi-public thought log of sorts

question: kinda curious on what tasks are u assigning as to being a operator? something like PMing + hr? also how are u delegating the engineering process to others in the team and how do u tackle and review the entire process? any inside-tips would be super helpful :)

was initially gonna just tweet, but became too long so:

github is for code, documents and version control linear is task management discord for comms

what im considering as "operations" is everything from planning, ideation, what to build, how to go about it and the specs for everything, hiring, managing money ( this is a whole role by itself- grants, investors, meetings etc )

how i do it is once i figure out an idea, i talk to people, get feedback, come up with a product roadmap on what to do and how ( the roadmap changes very often, and chaos is normalized )

choose 2-3 people who ive worked with before who can do design, frontend, backend and general fullstack work

first i work with a design contractor and get the ui, designs and all that figured out

then sometimes i ship a super mvp version with just the main "problem" solved in a couple days / week which has all the functionality and serves as something to refer

then for delegation and review it's usually assigning tasks for whatever feature we're working on currently to frontend / backend usually the frontend is done first, so i leave discord messages with screenshots on whatever needs to be changed and sometimes if it's big enough, ill add it to linear then api work is usually figuring out logic on vc / excalidraw and building it 1 by 1 feature wise

we dont plan the whole product in one go and go through it, we ship feature by feature so that its easier to reprioritize whenever needed

and while "engineering" is happening, im figuring out what to do next / talking to users / getting feedback etc

tbf im probably not the best person to be answering this, but ive done my fair share of shipping products so yeah- im also figuring it out on the fly

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