semi-public thought log of sorts

last 2 days i couldn’t get work done because i was forcefully displaced and couldn’t do anything, so i dove down a rabbit hole ive been wanting to go down for a whileeee

✨custom keyboards ✨

i realized i specifically wanted a split keyboard but not too many layers since i code and needed my numbers and symbols easily accessible

after a lot of research and binging youtube channels

i found out that lily58 / similar 60% keyboard layout on the split was the way to go

but then after that i didnt know what to do

all the build guides had so many weird letters and abbreviations i didnt understand, so i did the thing any sane person on the internet must do - i joined communities and asked for help

i said i wanna build this, i have no idea, how do i build / get it build

internet has a lot of nice people, folks - so take their help

some very nice folks on the IMKC discord sent me some guides and i learnt more about the process by scrolling through their reddit and discord chats

then i came up with what all to buy and how to get it built with a guy i found on there

this is the specs if anyone’s interested:

PCB and base: lily58 pro
MCU: kb2040 * 2
Switches: Akko lavenders purple keys
Keycaps: XDA heavy industry grey/yellow
TRRS: grey coiled 1m cable
Case: grey 3d printed case

there were so so so so many options, everything was customizable

hopefully this keyboard comes soon, and the layout is so different i’m gonna go from ~200 wpm to less than 50 😭

but yeah it’s better for long term ergonomics and typing comfort and possible speed as well because it forced you to practice good techniques

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