semi-public thought log of sorts

ive been taking small breaks from the internet every now and then

but never planned a long one and stuck to it

so from now until maybe for a month or so, i just want to step back from the constant buzz

launches left and right, new alpha being shared on crypto twitter, so much fluff and shallow consumption

i want to put a full stop to it

turn the attention inwards towards myself and my growth and block everything else which isn’t necessary

over the past months, ive realized substance and depth over anything, and in this break that’s what i want to focus on.

go deeper into things

ive a bunch of “hard to read” books which ill get through

ive a bunch of rabbit hole entrances saved which ill jump into

ive some research material saved which ill go through

might post here every now and then, but mostly just internal logging.

niches will be ofc be crypto/consumer products and maybe a little philosophy.


  • record low screentime on phone
  • record high focus sessions ( both intensity and # )
  • optimizing for obsessive work ( beating shiny object syndrome )
  • internal satisfaction and validation from within

this might go longer for all i know

but yeah…

ive spoken to my friends at large about this for ages; finally the right time for it i feel.

i might be more active on the purple app and here. @soulninja on both.

can expect random yt streams if im feeling it

can expect random ig posts if im feeling it

can expect random launch if i get to it

thats pretty much it


keep fighting ;)

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