semi-public thought log of sorts

two types of actions

push based
pull based

we start life almost completely push based
pushed into school
pushed into university
pushed into studying x y z

at some point of time you’ve gotta switch it to pull based
start learning something because you want to
start building something because you want to

pull based actions is where real value is created, because YOU do it because of something intrinsic

pull based actions aren’t ideal for just large zoomed out events in life

even granular actions like a clock always on the menu bar pushing data to you without you asking for it, is bad

try to remove all indicators of time for one day and see how it feels

if you want to see the time, you have to go search it up ( apart from staring outside the window- that’s different )

many such cases

im trying to switch slowly, but steadily from push based actions to pull based actions

this is why streams is very different from twitter

you’re not pushed into someone else’s profile / post

you click / go to it intentionally and you’re only fed that- we dont feed you random junk

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