you get what twitter doesnt

figuring out what to build is harder than building it is what ive realized

conviction + focus is what sets apart the great from the good

sure you can be a good builder if u know how to code but being able to have conviction in something other people tell you it's not going to work and focused towards executing towards that vision is genuinely game changing

execution has become super easy with ai, cursor + claude + some kind of ui library is all you need to ship stuff and get users

another thing ive realized which holds back many founders who are technical are- they spend too much time thinking about the most optimal way of doing things and that's the worst thing you could be focusing upon, especially in markets where things move fast ( crypto / ai etc )

focusing on building and showing it to users fast should be the 1st priority, everything else is second

no one cares if your product takes 1s or 1.5s to load up a response from your api when you have 0 users

choose 1 problem, get the solution and MAKE that happen

instead of shooting at everything and getting nowhere

another thing which is very hard especially in crypto is the ability to get distracted because of the market this is easier in the bear cuz there's no FOMO in the air and none of your friends are becoming overnight millionaires but in the bull, you see money flowing around everywhere and anything with a name to it shooting up, the fomo is super super real

either balance it or fully ignore it and focus on what's more important ( sometimes, the trading might be more important than building but usually is not )

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