semi-public thought log of sorts

Our tools and techniques are only as valuable as the workflow

from a note taking perspective:

obsidian + roam + notion + handwritten + ur mum + todoist + apple notes blah blah

or just apple notes

i dont give a shit what you use.. but what’s the workflow?

ask yourself these questions:

  • what’s the delta of time from when you have a new thought and that thought is documented somewhere? your workflow should reduce this
  • how easy is it to find something you’ve saved? your workflow should make this easy
  • how easy is it to come up with new ideas from the ones you’ve saved? your workflow should make this possible ( mine can hehe )
  • if you dont have access to your “main work device” can you save the fleeting thought without relying on memory?

now based on your answers, make your setup better.

why you ask me?
if you have a good note taking workflow setup for your entire brain ( like a second brain ( cough ) )
you can search your thoughts easily, you tend to rely less on memory, you can come up with some really good ideas over time as you save more and more ideas

reduces brain fog so that you can walk around with clarity in your thoughts

clarity in your thoughts reflect in your words

clarity in your words reflect in your action

action turns to result


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