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By Judah, one of the creators of

Streams v3 will be about the web

I already have robust export, a usable API, and a pretty good Telegram interface (if I do say so myself)

The web dashboard could be done much better, and it would be what I focused on if I did a rewrite. The goal would be to allow the web to become a primary interface, Telegram can be optional. Some ideas:

  • A good web posting experience. Rich text editor, image uploads, quote functionality, separate archive and deleted posts.
  • Theme hints. Use a fancier UI to show theme colors instead of the plain select menu.
  • A fancier theme editor?

Anyway, if I do it, I will probably have to involve an actual frontend framework. Which is...fine, but maybe I can shift the dashboard to a different URL and keep regular pages on a simple server?

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