Trying to publish artefacts from the things I work on. Mostly design and software, focused on interfaces that are practical and flexible.

Also a reading log.

By Judah, one of the creators of

“The advantage of massive input is that you don’t need to force yourself to stop to ask all these questions (ie forcing yourself to slow down) or to slow down to write notes. In my own experience learning biology, the reason why this worked for me is that when starting in a new field, there are a lot of things that are unclear to the novice if they are important, even things in textbook. Maybe nothing else you’ll ever see again will leverage that concept. That’s highly likely in bio. When you know that most of what you are reading may not be important, forcing yourself to take notes and make SRS prompts makes the learning process slower and not rewarding at all. The massive input approach gives you permission to skim, jump ahead, and go on tangents.”

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