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Twitter API free tier sucks fat ass

… I just spent over an hour trying to debug why I was getting a 403 Forbidden error trying to use the Twitter API to get the users who liked a tweet until I realized its because the free version of the API only supports posting tweets, deleting tweets, and getting information about a user. That’s it. No getting likes from a tweet, getting a user’s likes, or anything else that’s remotely useful for someone who doesn’t just want to make a bot. And if you want access to those endpoints? Oh yeah, that’ll be $100 A MONTH for the basic plan. Is Elon on fucking crack?

geeking out on the new laptop

got a new laptop (M2 Pro MacBook Pro 14”) after confirming that I shouldn’t mess around with nonwork stuff on my work laptop. old Dell XPS 13 was slow as ass and died within 2 hours of being unplugged.

anyways I’m enjoying this so much. spending an unnecessary amount of time reconfiguring my zshrc, vimrc, and the newly installed configs for yabai + skhd (a macos tiling window manager + keyboard shortcut daemon I recently picked up on my work laptop). while I’m in this rabbithole I’m going all out lol. trying out warp as a terminal (been enjoying it so far; saw people complain about having to log in and how the app sends telemetry data, but telemetry is opt-out and idrc about logging in so whatever. I’ve been enjoying it). also giving vimium another shot for vim-like keybindings in Arc. actually, this time, I’m trying “Vimium C” because apparently its a superset of vimium which is just faster and better in every way. honestly all this stuff, to me, is less about productivity/efficiency and more about just…being fun. this stuff is fun.

hmm maybe I should take note of all the typos I see on the about page and in this bot so its easy for judah to tackle them all at once.

I always wonder if I should reach out about things like this when I see them on other sites. like is it annoying? eh, I feel like its a net positive